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Invictus International Preschool Story


About Invictus International Preschool

Find out more about the Invictus International Preschool family and why we are ONE COMMUNITY, MANY STORIES, A TRUSTED EDUCATION

Building on 22 years of excellence in early years education, we make it a priority to focus on encouraging young children’s education and development within our safe, secure environments. Previously known as White Lodge International Preschool & Childcare, Invictus International Preschool now provides an elevated and more dynamic learning experience for children.

At Invictus International Preschool, a love for learning is at the heart of our school experience. We strive to provide an education with “something more”. Our aim at Invictus International Preschool is to liberate, empower and motivate the children to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service. Alongside our passionate and qualified team of educators, Invictus International Preschool is dedicated to work hard to give children the opportunities to develop as intelligent, confident, wise and lovable young people.

Building a diverse and strong community is important to us and we place a big effort to involve parents in their child’s development and learning at school. At Invictus International Preschool, we are


All our schools are fully licensed and comply with the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) standards.
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Our objective at Invictus International Preschools is to enable pre-schoolers to derive the greatest value, pleasure and fulfilment from their childhood. Our team of early childhood educators has created a curriculum that supports the growth and development of children as unique individuals. We believe that Invictus International Preschools offer a unique educational opportunity for children in Singapore and we look forward to meeting with you and welcoming you into our schools and extended family. Together we know that we can make a difference to your child’s learning journey.
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Our Mission &  Vision

Our Mission is to provide an early learning environment that empowers children to be confident and creative contributors to our world.

Our Vision is to educate the next generation of global citizens.

Our Invictus International Preschool Values



Differences are to be celebrated, just as similarities are to be shared. At Invictus International Preschools, each child brings a special something that makes their class community complete. We are confident of ourselves, respectful of each other, and welcoming of everyone - no matter their background or beliefs. Invictus International Preschools extend a loving welcome to all our friends and look forward to learning from each other and growing together.


It’s the simple things in life that count. Invictus International Preschools take pride in getting back to basics and keeping things real for our children. We take the most up to date educational research in child development and apply this practically, and with purpose, to create a curriculum to keep our children as grounded and wholesome as nature intended.


Learning is a lifetime pursuit, a discipline and devotion which has the ability to change a child’s path for good. At Invictus International Preschools we are passionate about education and recognise the huge impact that sharing this love for learning has on our children. Enabling our children to aspire to achieve, Invictus International Preschools lay foundations that support the children as they progress from little school to big school, and on through life as adults too.


Harnessing a child’s imagination is one of the most powerful tools in driving early childhood learning and development. Invictus International Schools provide an environment to stimulate, inspire and enlighten our children. We encourage imagination in all that we do and all that we are, delighting in the freshness that comes from taking the child’s perspective. Step inside an Invictus International Preschool to discover a world created with the child in mind; a canvas for creative exploration.


Just as we respect each other, we respect our community and the world around us. At Invictus International Preschools, we appreciate that short-term gains mean nothing if not underpinned by healthy, lasting growth; for our children, staff and our schools. With sensitivity and a compassion for our world, we cherish what we have been given, nurture our resources and strive to eliminate wastefulness.
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